Everywhere you turn you see people and technology—and both are disrupting the way things have been done over the many years.  In the auto industry, the hot disruptor on the horizon is the semi and fully autonomous vehicle.  Our Subaru Dealership PA, Stocker Subaru of State College Pennsylvania has already witnessed a shift in this direction.  So how will these disruptions impact auto insurance?

The auto insurance model as we know it has existed for more than 100 years. Vehicle owners are insured based on age, gender, driving record and experience. But that is going to change.

With the emergence of autonomous vehicles, the change will be significant.  Ride sharing and autonomous vehicles will mean less individual vehicle ownership.  Adding to the possible decline of personal car ownership are young people in urban areas.  More than ever, they don’t see the need to own a vehicle.  Thanks to Uber, Lyft, Zipcar and other auto services like them, the personal auto sector will see decreasing market share with these  additional options.

Auto insurance products may begin to include cyber security and liability. Telematics included in vehicles increase the risk of having a vehicle hacked and someone else taking control.  And with this new risk, the question of liability shift arises. Who is liable for the safety of autonomous vehicles … drivers, auto manufacturer, technology makers of sensors and software, government built and regulated mart, sensor-enabled roads?  Right now there are more questions than answers, but stay tuned.  More disruption is on the way!

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